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Ethan Clinger, Farm Bureau Financial Services
First Priority Exams has always gone above and beyond to provide the best quality service at a time convenient to my clients' schedules. They only hire individuals with the highest of integrity. When I order an exam, it is all that is needed on my end...quickly First Priority contacts the candidate, confirms with me the appointment, and delivers the completed exam without fail in a timely manner.....First Priority has even stepped up to provide the service that was needed in the very hour because of time constraints. That kind of responsiveness says all you need to know about this high quality and efficient paramed company.
Chad Kerby, Beneficial Financial Group
When I was first approached by Brandon to switch my examiners to First Priority Exam, I was a bit hesitant; however, nothing could have prepared me for the results that I have experienced. They are the most efficient and professional company. To better explain my appreciation for First Priority, I will share an experience. I was underwriting an attorney who worked a tremendous amount of hours. He was extremely difficult to get in contact with. I called him several times a day for weeks. During that period of time, First Priority was not only able to obtain contact with him but to complete the exam. I was overwhelmed with their dedication to my client. If an agent is looking to find examiners that care as much about placing a case as they do, then the only company to use is First Priority.
Travis Ewell, Heritage Financial Group
Suzanne and the staff at First Priority Exams have been incredible to work with. I have been using their services for quite some time and have never had a complaint from a client. In fact, I have received many compliments from clients on how fast, friendly, and professional First Priority has been. In the past, I have had several bad experiences from other exam companies: from missed appointments, taking weeks to get the exam done, and having to go back two and three times to clients to complete missed requirements. With First Priority, I never have to worry about any of those things.